Nicole Calasich

Nov 8

"Iron Comic": Stand-Up Game Show at the Punch Line | Goldstar


Holy schlamoly. I got asked to compete in the Nov. 16 round of Iron Comic, the amazingly entertaining stand-up comedy game show, hosted by SF Weekly’s Comedian of the Year Nato Green as well as superstar Moshe Kasher (Chelsea Lately, Live at Gotham, Aspen Best of Fest).

From the release: “Iron Comic is a live gameshow created by Nato Green where 5 comedians rush to write a routine in 10 minutes from topics suggested by the audience. At the end of the night, an Iron Comic will be chosen. Inspired by Iron Chef, each comic is forced to craft jokes while the clock is ticking.” In short… I’ll be doing all new material and it’s totally terrifying.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing my good friend Sean Keane kick Arj Barker’s ass in this, as well as watching Kyle Kinane, Alex Koll, Maria Bamford, Tig Notaro, and Morgan Murphy battle it out at Bridgetown this past year.

The other comics competing are Punch Line favorites Ngaio Bealum, Chris Garcia, Kris Tinkle, and Conor Kellicut. There will be guest sets by other awesome comics and if you click on this Goldstar link you can get tickets for $7.50!

Holy crap, this is gonna be SO good. these motherfuckers are WORDYYYYYY.