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Not a Sketch Group Presents: Cam’Ron (Disney Parody)

Not A Sketch Group may exist, and it may not. It may consist of Nicole Calasich, Joe Gorman, David Cairns and OJ Patterson, or it may consist of many more, or no one at all. The ambiguous group has released a video musical based on the Disney film “Beauty and the Beast”. This is all that is known of about the group at the time. Enjoy.


No one’s chic as Cam’ron
No one’s sleek as Cam’ron
No one’s girlfriend’s incredibly meek as Cam’ron’s

For there’s no man in town half as novel
Perfect in that cardigan!
You can ask any Butch, Breeze, or Lola
And they’ll tell you whose team they’d prefer to be on.

No one’s been like Cam’ron
A thrift king like Cam’ron
No one’s got a swell plug in his ear like Cam’ron
I find black people very intimidating!
My what a guy, that Cam’ron!

Give 5 PBRs
Give 12 pierced lips
Cam’ron is the best
And the rest are all Pips
(Subtitle: Ironic that he is afraid of black people, but loves their music, huh?)

No one blogs like Cam’ron
Updates tweets like Cam’ron
At a pub quiz, no team name so droll as Cam’ron’s

For there’s no one as clever or witty
As you see, I’ve got podcasts to spare!
Not a bit ill-informed with his apathy
That’s right!
I read Chomsky if NPR’s not on the air.

No one quips like Cam’ron
Acid trips like Cam’ron
At a punk show, nobody talks shit like Cam’ron,
“They used to be good, now they’re irritating!
Poopoo, just one star from Cam’ron!

When I was a lad, I heard 7 B-sides
Each morning to make me unique
Now that I’m grown, play them on 45’s
So the sound quality’s at its peak!
(Oh! Ahh! Wow!)
My what a guy, that Cam’ron!

No one jeers like Cam’ron
Rides fixed gears like Cam’ron
From a war draft, stays awfully clear like Cam’ron
“Instead, me and Che will go demonstrating!”
My what a guy,

Original Song:

Big props to Nicole Calasich. This is really her baby and she did an awesome job.

Thank you OJ especially for making this so easy to reblog!!! And thank you for all the photoshop magic!

BOTTOM LINE: A lot of butts were worked to make this video. Please watch it/love it/vote for it on FunnyorDie